Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus

The Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus πŸ”—︎

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We provide an Amazon product reviews dataset for multilingual text classification. The dataset contains reviews in English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese and Spanish, collected between November 1, 2015 and November 1, 2019. Each record in the dataset contains the review text, the review title, the star rating, an anonymized reviewer ID, an anonymized product ID and the coarse-grained product category (e.g. ‘books’, ‘appliances’, etc.) The corpus is balanced across stars, so each star rating constitutes 20% of the reviews in each language.

For each language, there are 200,000, 5,000 and 5,000 reviews in the training, development and test sets respectively. The maximum number of reviews per reviewer is 20 and the maximum number of reviews per product is 20. All reviews are truncated after 2,000 characters, and all reviews are at least 20 characters long.

Note that the language of a review does not necessarily match the language of its marketplace (e.g. reviews from are primarily written in German, but could also be written in English, etc.). For this reason, we applied a language detection algorithm based on the work in Bojanowski et al. (2017) to determine the language of the review text and we removed reviews that were not written in the expected language.

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To examine the files in the dataset, log-in to your AWS account and open this link.

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Please cite the following paper (arXiv) if you found this dataset useful:

Phillip Keung, Yichao Lu, GyΓΆrgy Szarvas and Noah A. Smith. “The Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus.” In Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, 2020.

    title={The Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus},
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Baselines πŸ”—︎

Code snippets to reproduce the baselines in the paper can be found here.

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If you have questions about this dataset, please email us at

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Bojanowski, Piotr, et al. “Enriching word vectors with subword information.” Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 5 (2017): 135-146.

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